Funny Monday Coffee Quotes – 5 Funniest on Funny Monday Mugs


Start your Monday off with a laugh by browsing through these funny Monday coffee quotes! These 5 funniest mugs featuring Monday coffee quotes will give you something to smile about on a dreary Monday morning. From “Monday: Coffee Is My Superpower” to “Mondays, brought to you by coffee companies for over 100 years”, these funny Monday coffee quotes will provide you with a jolt of humor. Whether it’s “If Monday had a flavor it would be strong coffee and regret” or “Mondays are like coffee without caffeine: Why?”, there’s something for everyone in this selection of witty Monday coffee quotes.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 funniest mugs to help you survive Monday morning.

1) Monday Adulting Without Coffee – Just Plain Cruel

Let’s be honest, Monday mornings are rough. But starting your day without a good cup of coffee? That’s just plain cruel. Without caffeine, it’s nearly impossible to face the work week with any kind of enthusiasm. Thankfully, we’ve got some funny Monday morning coffee quotes to lighten the mood.

It’s amazing how a simple quote on your mug can make all the difference in your day. With hilarious sayings like “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my Monday coffee” and “I run on caffeine, sarcasm, and inappropriate thoughts,” Monday coffee funny quotes can put a smile on your face and make the morning a little easier to bear.

For over 100 years, coffee companies have been making Mondays more bearable. Without them, we would be forced to endure the start of the week without the comforting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. But it’s not just the coffee itself that makes a difference, it’s the mugs too.

2) Monday: Coffee Is My Superpower

There’s something about Monday mornings that make us all wish we could go back to bed and start the week over again. But fear not, fellow coffee lovers, because with the help of a steaming cup of Joe, we can conquer anything the week throws our way. As the saying goes, “Monday: Coffee Is My Superpower.”

From Folgers’ iconic jingle, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,” to Dunkin’ Donuts’ catchy “America runs on Dunkin'” slogan, coffee companies know how to market to the Monday blues.

3) Mondays, Brought to You by Coffee Companies for Over 100 Years

So the next time you’re struggling to get through a Monday, remember that coffee companies have been supporting us for over 100 years. And don’t forget to enjoy some of the hilarious Monday coffee funny quotes while you sip on your cup of joe.

But it’s not just their advertising that’s helped make coffee the go-to drink for Mondays. Coffee has been proven to boost cognitive function and improve mood, making it the perfect antidote to the Monday blues. And let’s not forget the social aspect of coffee breaks, where coworkers can come together and commiserate over their mutual dislike of Mondays.

4) If Monday Had a Flavor, It Would Be Strong Coffee and Regret

We all know that feeling when the alarm goes off on Monday morning and you just want to hit snooze and stay in bed. But alas, adulting calls and we have to face the day ahead. And what better way to start than with a strong cup of coffee? As the famous quote goes, “Coffee is the foundation of my food pyramid.”

But let’s face it, even with the caffeine boost, Mondays can still be a struggle. And that’s where the humor of Monday coffee quotes come in. There’s just something about a witty quip on a coffee mug that can bring a smile to your face and help you power through the day.

5) Mondays are Like Coffee Without Caffeine: Why?

Have you ever tried to start your Monday morning without a cup of coffee? It’s like trying to run a marathon without any training. It’s tough. Mondays are already notorious for being tough, and taking away the power of coffee just makes it that much worse.

Coffee has been the go-to solution for Monday blues for over 100 years. Coffee companies have been marketing to the working class since the early 1900s, recognizing that coffee is the elixir of the workday. It gives us the power to focus and get things done, and it’s delicious too!

There are so many funny Monday coffee quotes out there that celebrate the magical powers of this caffeinated beverage. One of my favorites is “If Monday had a flavor, it would be strong coffee and regret.” That quote just sums up how so many of us feel about the start of the week.

In the end, Mondays are like coffee without caffeine – bland, uninspiring, and just not the same. So let’s raise a mug to the power of coffee and the funny Monday coffee quotes that keep us going through the tough days. Without coffee, Mondays would truly be a lost cause.

So Happy Monday to You!

Or Happy Whatever Day it is! Here’s two more BONUS Funny Monday Coffee Quotes for you:  “Monday’s without coffee. No such thing.” and “Coffee: The official currency of Monday.” That’s all for now! See you in the Funny Mugs! – BarbaraTaylor Webster  ∞   filthy fray store  ∞  BTW Virtual Exec