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don’t judge me for my filthy fray

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you are not alone. #filthyfray #filthyfrayandthatsokay

it’s difficult to give an exact percentage of the population that feels like they are alone and outsiders, as it can vary depending on many different factors such as age, gender, culture, and personal circumstances. however, studies have shown that feelings of loneliness and social isolation are relatively common.

for example, a survey conducted by the kaiser family foundation in 2018 found that 22% of adults in the united states report often or always feeling lonely, while 27% feel they have no one they can talk to about their personal troubles or triumphs.

another study published in the journal jama internal medicine in 2020 found that around 60% of americans feel lonely, with the prevalence of loneliness increasing over the past decade.

it’s important to note that feeling like an outsider can also be related to factors such as discrimination, marginalization, and social exclusion. these experiences can be more prevalent among certain groups, such as those from minority racial or ethnic backgrounds, those with disabilities, and those who identify as lgbtq+.

the important message here is you are not alone. it’s time to reach out to each other, to help each other, to recognize each other.

filthy fray is the signal.

filthy fray is the way.




filthy fray designer line for living


filthy fray is about taking your life back. it’s about capturing life at its best, at the extreme. it’s about the excellence that is found at the fray.

it’s about the ones who step out of their comfort zone to take concepts and dreams and make them a tangible reality regardless of the challenges put in their path.

it’s about celebrating life, who you are, who you were, and who you are becoming.

it’s bringing designs with purpose, and the ultimate inspiration to boldly embrace every bit of life.

filthy fray is a designed for those who have been pushed down but keep on getting back up.

for those that feel unseen and unappreciated, even though they work harder than most.

now it’s time to play harder too, to embrace all that is you and love it.

for those who live on the edge by choice or by force,

for those not afraid to get dirty, be seen dirty or be called dirty 

and for the frayed. it’s time to embrace the fray and heal it away.

for those that don’t judge, and refuse to be judged.

they can be anything they want to be & they clean up well –

if they want to, and when they don’t want to, they make filthy sexy.

they’re filthy fray and it’s okay.

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why are there no capital letters on this page?

because we don’t need to be bigger to be better. a portion of the proceeds from the filthy fray designer line of products will be donated to help solve the addiction and housing issues facing our loved ones. it’s okay to be filthy fray. the filthy fray will be the ones who show the way to make the world a better place to stay and play.

filthy defined:

the term “filthy” generally means very dirty, covered with dirt or grime, or in a state of uncleanliness. it can also refer to something that is morally repugnant or obscene. in either case, the term suggests a strong negative judgment of the condition or state of the thing being described. it is also synonymous with extreme as in “filthy rich”. the word “filthy” can be used to describe a wide range of things, including people, places, objects, and behaviors.


why #filthyfray

because the reason we feel alone and not good enough is that we were negatively judge based on a nonsensical moral standard that even those preaching can not measure up to. we were pushed to the edge and made to believe that we were somehow damaged. this has caused conflict within ourselves. its time to embrace all of it and realize we have always been good enough and it’s fun to be dirty. we are not alone. we are filthy fray and it’s okay.


fray defined:

the term “fray” can have a few different meanings:  in general, it refers to the unraveling or wearing away or tattering of the edges of fabric or other material. it may also refer to the edge itself or to a fight or battle. in those cases, “fray” is a noun and can be used to describe the place or the conflict itself.  additionally, “fray” can be used as a verb to describe the act of becoming worn, unraveled or damaged at the edges, or to describe the act of being in conflict.